“New Skills for Living”:
a health education television show
dedicated to healing and wholeness in our community.

--Since its inception in 1995, the mission of this KOLOTV community service show
   has been to provide health information that supports individuals and families
   in living healthy, meaningful lives.

--Psychotherapist/EAP Counselor Tom Lavin is the creator, producer and host
   of “New Skills for Living”.

--The guests who appear on “New Skills…” are experts from the
   diverse fields of medicine, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy,
   nursing, addictions treatment, healthcare administration, human resources, law
   enforcement and other professionals who are dedicated to healing and wholeness
   in our community.
   Frequently, guests also include individuals and families who share their
   experience, strength and hope in dealing with/transcending health challenges.

Below: click on each individual show you would like to watch:
-- each interview/show is about 16-22 minutes long.

Page 2: 2009 ACT Interviews
Page 3: 2010 Washoe County Schools & Healthcare Interviews
Page 4: 2008 Counseling & Mental Health Interviews
Page 5: 2010-2011 Addictions Recovery
Page 6: 2012 Healthy Living

Current Page: 2013 Healthy Living

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"Elder-Youth Care"
Diane Ross
"Mindfulness for College Students"
Jacqueline Pistorello, Ph.D.
"Workplace Bullying"
Debra Scott, MSN, RN
"Skills for Living"
Tom Lavin, MFT, LCADC
"VSA Arts"
Mary Ellen Horan
"ACT: Anxiety"
Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.
"Life Coaching"
Brian Moore
"NV Behavioral Health"
Richard Whitley
"State of Nevada Health Care"
Mike Willden, Dir, DHHS
"Health and Wellness"
Amy Khan, M.D., MPH
Peggy Nipp, MS, RD
"Making a Difference"
Judge Dorothy Nash Holmes
"Healthy Living, Healthy Nutrition"
Laura Hennings